Laundry Service Pickup & Delivery near Mesa and Tempe, AZ

Why make an extra stop to drop off your dry cleaning? You can drop off your dry cleaning when you drop off your wash and fold laundry or add it to your laundry pickup and delivery order. We are a dry cleaners that deliver to your house. There is a $30 minimum charge for our dry cleaning pickup and delivery service. When you use our dry cleaners delivery near Mesa and Tempe, your dry cleaning will be ready in 72 hours. Our dry cleaner pickup will save you a trip.


Dry Cleaning Prices

  • Laundered & Pressed Dress Shirt $2.75
  • Blouse $6.45
  • Coat (Lab/Heavy/Rain) $12.50
  • Dress $13.50
  • Dress (Formal) $17.50
  • Jacket (Casual/Thin/Windbreaker) $9.25
  • Pant $6.45
  • Shirt $6.45
  • Shorts $6.45
  • Skirt $6.45
  • Suit Jacket $8.50
  • Sweater $8.50